Registration Information

For families new to the district or those who have not previously had a student enrolled in any of our schools, we have provided a helpful guide. Please refer to the "New Families to the District" section below for detailed instructions on how to register your child for the current or upcoming school year.

Additionally, scroll down this page for important information about Preschool and Kindergarten enrollment.

 Online Registration Process

Our online registration process has been created to allow parents/guardians to register their students at their own convenience and is designed to retain all of your student/family information to save you time for future registrations.  If you do not have access to a computer, please contact your child's home residence school for assistance.  Once you have completed the registration process for one year, the majority of the information you have added will be visible for each following year.  YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO UPDATE THE DATES FOR SELECTED FIELDS EVERY YEAR.

Special Note: If you believe that your child would be eligible to be a TK student, register your child as a Kindergarten student and then submit the form available by clicking here